Industry Standard Relay Boards

Since the year 2000 EasyDaq have been designing and manufacturing professional interface boards.

Sense, connect and control real-world equipment from a PC, microcontroller, or LabVIEW automation control via  USBEthernet (Internet)serial, or digital interface.

Shipped free worldwide.

Used by multi-national companies in control systems, garage equipment,  security, energy efficiency, fire protection systems, motor control, industrial automation, research, education, medical equipment control, measuring, calibration, test and alarm systems, automotive equipment, light and power solutions.

Our customers run systems in maritime, rail, automotive, medical, educational, electrical engineering, defence, agricultural, sanitation, security, automotive and many more industries.

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RJ12 RH Latch
24-Channel Digital Stack
DAQPodMx GP IO board
USB 4-channel Relay card
Ethernet 16 channel relay board

The Easydaq way

All Easydaq products are designed by engineers for engineers

Decades of experience in control and automation allows us to provide expert technical support plus datasheets and example code for all products.

We are here to help you get your project started as soon as possible.

Varied connection options including USB, Ethernet, Serial, Digital.

Choice of relay type - power or signal, from 4 to 96 channels.

Real-world control for Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

LabVIEW (TM) support with examples for all products.

We also offer a range of software & hardware design consultancy services through our parent company Greenhalse Electronics