DO24SRMx. These low cost, general purpose, 24 channel signal relay cards feature 30VDC/1Amp high sensitivity (gold contact) signal relays.  Suitable for low current, direct logic drive control - compatible with our USB24DIO board and pin compatible with the NI DIO24/6503 card.  This card requires a 5V DC supply.

Access to all relay contacts is via 2 part (male/female), side entry screw terminal block connectors, mounted at right angles along both sides of the board.  They are designed to be easily  mounted in a stack/matrix arrangement, with rapid removal of all wired connections so that the cards can be rapidly swapped in a maintenance situation or re-used elsewhere without the need for unscrewing all the wired connections.

The card comes with LED relay channel & 5V supply status indicators mounted along one end of the board so that they can all be seen easily when mounted in a stack arrangement.  The cards are supplied with nylon feet in each corner which will take self tapping screws or allow the board to be safely sat on a surface or in an enclosure.

Relay activation is via TTL compatible digital drive signals which connect via a 50 way male header connector fitted at one end of the card.  Header connector is fitted with ejector lugs, allowing easy removal of the connector and minimising damage to the pins.

Suitable for a wide range of control and signal switching purposes, it offers screw terminal access for the +5V DC connection, allowing for possible onward powering/use in your target system . 

There is also a perspex cover available which offers general protection of the board and prevents accidental contact with any of the relay contacts or screw terminal connections.  In addition, there is a DIN rail mount/cover option available.

  • Low cost, 24 channel direct logic drive relay board
  • 1A/30V high sensitivity (gold contact) signal relays.  PCB tracking will handle 10 Amps.  Above datasheet link gives full details/spec for the relay types available for this card.
  • Relays are SPDT, Form C, changeover type, with N/O, COM and N/C contacts taken to the 2 part (male/female) screw terminal blocks along each side of the card
  • LED status indicators for DC power and relay activation status - mounted along one end of the card for easy visibility, even in a stack arrangement.
  • All relay contacts taken to screw terminal blocks
  • Relay activation is via digital drive inputs which are TTL level compatible, low current, digital voltages
  • Digital control signal inputs connect via 50 way (male) header connector mounted at one end of the card.  (Header connector has ejector lugs to ease removal of the mating connector).
  • +5V supply voltage is connected via 2 way (2 part) screw terminal block adjacent to header connector at one end of the card - allows for easy cross wiring and possible onward use in (or powering of) target application.  Current draw per relay is approx 80mA.
  • Supplied with nylon feet (will take self tapping screws).  Corner mounting holes allow cards to be stacked if required
  • Clear, protective cover/base, and also DIN rail mountable base & cover options available
  • CЄ & RoHS compliant
  • Free shipping on this product (Worldwide)

These are industry standard relay boards and products.  High quality, for professional electronic  automation,  connectivity, and control.

Easydaq products are used in research and education, security, industrial applications, power and energy management,  motor and device  control. There are uses across various industries, including  maritime , rail,  automotive, automation, measuring and calibration, agriculture , medical, sanitation, light and power solutions, fire protection, security, and many more.

You can order any of our boards with customisations or without connectors fitted - contact us for prices

Download datasheet

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Operational Parameters
Manufacturer EASYDAQ
Control Interface Digital
Relay coil voltage 5V
Relay Channels 24
Relay contact current 1A
Relay Type SIGNAL
Opto-isolated YES


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