A general purpose, Network/LAN/Ethernet connected, opto-isolated relay board, with 8 relays + 8 general purpose DIO channels + 8 channels that can be selected as either relay or DIO channels (via onboard links).  Relays & PCB tracking are designed to handle 240VAC@10A.  Suitable for a wide range of control and mains voltage power switching, or signal switching purposes, it also offers screw terminal access to the power connections for possible onward powering/use in your target system.

This card uses the powerful Lantronix XPort network module.  It has an integral RJ-45 network socket and offers an embedded web server (with simple webpage configuration options), 10/100Mbit Ethernet, full TCP/IP stack protocol, fixed or auto assigned IP address option, and integrated email server which can be user configured to send emails in response to external trigger events (status changes) occurring at the modules GPIO pins.  There are 3 GPIO pins which can be configured to respond to either individual changes or in any combination.  Additional protocols supported are: UDP, DCHP, ARP, ICMP, Telnet and SNMP.  AES Rijndael 128, 192 & 256 bit encryption options are also supported.

The NET16PRMx is addressed via the IP address - relay & DIO control/activation is via simple ASCII/Hex characters.  The card offers network opto-isolation (to 5000Vrms).

All relay contacts are connected to two-part screw terminal blocks along each side of the card.  These allow rapid connect/ disconnect or swap-over in your target system.   5VDC power connection is made via a 2 way screw terminal block or 2.1mm jack socket.  The card is stackable, via corner fixing holes.  Available with a Perspex cover and DIN rail mount option if required.

DIO channels are normal logic level signals (+5V max) and can supply up to 20mA per channel.  Access to all relay contacts and DIO channels is via 2 part (male/female) screw terminal block connectors positioned  along two edges of the card. 

The card has +5V/3.3V & relay/DIO channel LED status indicators.  The card requires an external +5V/1A PSU.  Nylon feet are fitted in each corner which will take self tapping screws.  They can easily be removed to allow the cards to be mounted on pillars or stacked.  There is also a perspex cover available (see below) which offers general protection of the card and prevents accidental contact with any of the relay contacts or screw terminal connections.  In addition, there is a DIN rail mount/cover option available.

These are industry standard relay boards and products.  High quality, for professional electronic  automation,  connectivity, and control.

Easydaq products are used in research and education, security, industrial applications, power and energy management,  motor and device  control. There are uses across various industries, including  maritime , rail,  automotive, automation, measuring and calibration, agriculture , medical, sanitation, light and power solutions, fire protection, security, and many more.

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NEW! Python 3 sequential control of the relays on NET16 with read port D using TCP/IP (Linux or Windows)

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Operational Parameters
Manufacturer EASYDAQ
Control Interface Ethernet
Relay coil voltage 5V
Relay Channels 16
Relay contact current 10A
Digital input channels 16
Relay Type POWER
Digital output channels 16
Opto-isolated YES


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